How to make money in a crisis, having an iPhone?

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I think it is worth reminding that the economic situation in Russia now is difficult and people are grasping at any opportunity to earn something. But isn’t it better not to count every penny, and profitable to invest and make money work for them? This can be done from the comfort of your couch — will only need iPhone. And, of course, a good head on his shoulders.

“My broker” from the famous company BCS Broker — the easiest way to save and multiply their savings. If you’ve always been interested in investments but don’t have enough time this app will be a great tool to start your financial growth.

“My broker” has some obvious advantages. First, this is a handy app with a clean interface, which will be able to understand even a novice. But despite this, the functionality of the program did not cut — you can perform any action on the exchange with just one click. From anywhere in the world: the main thing that near at hand was the iPhone.

To register in the app is very simple — you can enter your details or login with Facebook. You will then receive personal investment advice based on their desires and possibilities, open an account and transfer funds to subsequently invest them on the stock exchange. You can choose several options — from the amount and investment strategy to the payback period if the income, for example, already this year.

The app will choose the optimal portfolio will compute its yield. For each recommendation, you can access detailed card, to see the price, trading volume, dynamics and learn the reasons why the company is attractive to read the news of the Issuer.

By the way, about the quotes. In a special section, you can monitor indexes, blue chips, futures, leaders rising and falling, watch out for currency fluctuations and commodity markets. All data is updated in real time so you can quickly take the decision to buy or sell securities or, for example, the exchange.

You are always in control of your money and the value of the investment portfolio, tracking what money you’ve made these or other assets.

To buy or sell an asset with a single click. If you are unsure, check beforehand with the schedule of conduct of securities, commodity or currency, or read news to know, what is the Outlook by top analysts.

In the sidebar application, you can contact your financial Advisor to view the open surgery recommendations, to Deposit or withdraw funds. To help with the investment portfolio are called to invest ideas, where are collected the most interesting assets that deserve your attention.

Customers “BCS-Online” can use the application “My broker” with their usernames and passwords. For additional security, account confirmation transactions of purchase and sale is made only with two-factor authentication via SMS.

“My broker” so far the only app on the market that allows you to invest just just. The company itself BCS on the market for 20 years and has a maximum rating of reliability AAA from the NRA, as well as the license of the CBR. The program has a lot in common with its Western counterparts, such as FutureAdvisor and Wealthfront.

BCS Broker is the first company which implemented the opening of an account online with the aid USIA (public Services) without a visit to the office.

The current crisis is the right time to invest, try!

Name: My broker
Publisher/developer: OOO Kompaniya Brokerkreditservis
Price: Free
In-app purchases: No
Compatibility: For iPhone
Application already interested in:
297 people
Link: Set

LTD. “Company BKS” licence No. 154-04434-100000 from 10.01.2001 for brokerage activities. Issued by FFMS. Without limitation of the validity period. “My broker”

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