How to make the case for AirPods into a convenient stand for iPhone

Abandoning the standard headphone Jack on the iPhone 7, Apple is clearly hinted: the era of wireless audio has come. Together with the new generation phone in September last year introduced the first fully wireless Apple headphones. Headset AirPods is a good example of how innovation can be a seemingly ordinary device for listening to music.

The competition AirPods stands excellent battery, the presence of infrared sensors and decent sound quality. But the main ingredient that distinguishes Apple — classic epplovskaya “magic” publicly available industry technologies introduced with the thought of the comfort of everyday use. The use of conventional Bluetooth headphones involves a lot of inconvenience, even when properly synchronized, they can be deactivated at any time. Brand Apple chip W1 solves these problems.

Immediately after the launch and today to buy “Apple” headphones are not so simple. Those who were lucky enough to become the owner of AirPods can extract additional value from their case with built-in battery.

The owner of the AirPods named Salam Najim found a way to use the case as a handy stand for your iPhone. To do this, simply open the cover and place in the groove of the mobile device. Photos resulting designs he published in his blog.

This stand securely supports even the 5.5-inch iPhone models, making video viewing more comfortable.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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