How to optimize iOS for older iPhone 9.2.1

Many owners of older iPhone (iPhone 5s and above) sometimes the idea of “rollback” to a previous version or other ways to improve the health of the device on iOS 9. Since installing iOS 8 or iOS 7 is already impossible, it is necessary to refer to other tools and work with what you have. And they are.

IAppleBytes on channel appeared a video in which the blogger tries to optimize 9.2.1 iOS on the old iPhone. How? In the first place by enabling “Reduce motion” on: Settings — General — accessibility.

Here you can find a decrease in transparency — it is under “Increase contrast”. This option should also be activated. After that, go to Settings — General, where disable background refresh of content. Don’t exit main settings — also have to disable the Spotlight search.

What have in the end? The video compared the performance of iPhone with iOS 9.2.1 conventional and optimized. It is seen that in the second case, the animation runs a little faster, but some serious productivity growth is not observed.

So try to play around with optimization you can, but the effect will still be not the same as from the installation of iOS 8 and older. But, unfortunately, you will need a hacking device.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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