How to order a taxi using Telegram?

To book a taxi using the app on iPhone? Ha, the last century! We are all fully immersed in the messengers, and it would be logical to make the opportunity to order a taxi without leaving your favorite app for communication with friends and colleagues. Was thinking the developers of the app “Taksik” did… you wouldn’t believe the bot for Telegram!

Yes, now it is not necessary to run the app to get from point A to point B. Just start the correspondence with a Telegram bot, choose a city sent to your room ā€” check passed! Next, enter the address of departure and destination, then the bot will ask you which plan I prefer.

Bot after this he estimates the cost of the trip and offers to either go by the meter, or enter your own price ā€” Yes, “Taksik” you can set the price of the trip, a good advantage compared to other services. To bring down the price from 200 rubles? Easily.

Here have additional options like time of filing, of a child safety seat or enter another address. If you are satisfied, you can go! The bot will immediately start looking for a free car.

Just a couple of minutes the bot will find a car according to your settings, and then promptly inform, as soon as a driver will arrive. If suddenly the plans changed, just type the command /cancel. Bot sociable and sometimes even posotive.

Very cool that now you can book a taxi not only in the app, but also directly to the Telegram, and this greatly simplifies the ordering process. Of course, all functions fit in the bot impossible, and yet it only works in Moscow, so feel free to use the app “Taksik” ā€” available for free in the App Store.

Name: TaxikBot
Publisher/developer: Vadim Ivashchenko
Compatibility: Bot for Telegram
Link: Set

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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