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Application: Nano enterprise management | 1 150 RUB. | For OS X | Install

A mobile application is certainly good. Games, programs, utilities in the App Store this stuff in bulk, and regularly we introduce you with the most interesting instances. In the Mac App Store an interesting application is noticeably smaller, so you have to work hard to find anything worthwhile. And today we have prepared for you not the usual overview not an ordinary program.

It’s called “Nano enterprise” and is used to manage a small business — sales of goods and services. In other words, if you own a small hair salon, auto repair shop or in the yard, this app is designed specifically for you.

Here all that can be useful for small organizations — from financial accounting and controlling sales and purchasing to manage tasks for staff, services, warehouses and contractors. Simple and intuitive interface: a convenient left side navigation menu, right is main window.

The possibility of “Nano-enterprises” are not limited to writing accounts or the recording of receipt of funds. The cool app now supports service — it is responsible for a separate module “Booking services”. You can view a list of artists, services and jobs that can perform different services. In the calendar of staff provided the opportunity to examine which task is assigned to a particular master, where she will be and so on.

Let’s say you own a HUNDRED — a good business, and customers will always. However, here you are faced with a large list of services (from oil filter replacements to iterate through suspension), which should be conducted. Per vehicle each client meets the specific master respectively, it is necessary to organize the recording procedure. And regular customers need not to forget and discount what to give, and even first aid kits/oil/products to sell.

In the settings of the matrix “Master Service” and “Service Jobs”. With them you will always know who and what can do, what the workplace. In our case, Ivanov is responsible for changing oil, tanners for the replacement of brake pads. And if and massage services to clients to provide while they wait for your car, you can generally get rich. Kidding, of course.

The advantage of “Nano-enterprises” — you don’t need to register anywhere or pay an annual subscription fee, the developers deliver: paid once and all. The app works with a local database. It is possible to conduct a convenient and accurate sales accounting, receivable base, marginal revenue, build a sales organization and perform other relevant operations. Displays customer, amount, date, order status and other parameters.

With the help of the product designer provides the ability to create specification and price for ordering complex products — automobile, furniture, computer, lift for service. The parameters are automatically suggested by the application, including dependent: the appearance of the sofa, for example, depends on the choice of upholstery material.

All lists and reports are exported in the format .csv and .xls, templates of printed forms are stored in the Documents folder, applications in the html format. They can also be edited. After installation in demodena to make it easy to understand the work “Nano enterprises”. Once everything is clear, remove them and upload your database.

There is a possibility to set the percentage of taxes — the system has value, which it regulates, as the VAT calculation for Russia differs from the Western system. The developers have tried to find a middle ground between simplicity and functionality, the application interface is modern and not like at all. In more detail the features of the program shown in the video below.

The application is fully compatible with the mobile version (Yes, there’s an app for the iPhone and iPad), and the database can be shared through the cloud, which is very convenient. Well implemented also work with purchasing and suppliers.

In General, if you have a small business, you really appreciate the program “Nano enterprise”. It is distributed through the Mac App Store. You can download it at the link below.

Title: Nano enterprise management
Publisher/developer: Erziman Asaliyev
Price: 1 150 rubles.
In-app purchases: No
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 and above
Link: Set

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