How to pay traffic fines by using Apple Pay

Now to pay traffic fines by using Apple Pay service. Yandex has announced the update of the application Yandex.The fines that support the new functions. The service is available on iPhone 6 and above, as well as the iPad Pro, Air 2 , mini 3 and more new models.

To pay traffic police fines through payment system, Apple is very simple. You need to enter in Yandex.Fines driver’s license number and registration certificate of the car — the application is able to remember information about different machines, so the next time it was not necessary to specify again. If there are outstanding fines sufficient to provide payment, Apple Pay, and confirm it with the scanner Touch ID. The application transfers the data in the State information system of payments. From there they go to the traffic police usually within a day.

Apple Pay allows you to pay with a card Yandex.Money or Russian banks. Add in the Apple Wallet plastic card or virtual card of Yandex.Money can be via the Apple app Wallet or Yandex.Money for iOS. When paying with Yandex maps.Money funds are debited from the electronic purse — they have a common balance. The virtual card is issued in just a few seconds. Plastic can be obtained in the company’s office or by mail. Just Yandex.Money has produced more than 500 thousand plastic and about 11 million virtual cards.

To pay Yandex.Fines and in other ways — from the purse in Yandex.Cash or with any credit card. With the beginning of the year through the services of Yandex users have redeemed more than 2.5 million fines. This is almost two times more than in the same period of 2015. Almost half of the fines — 40% of people have paid from their mobile devices. 70% of the fees users have paid in the first 20 days after traffic violations, when the Federal law No. 437 allows to transfer only half of the amount.

Download app Yandex.Fines on iPhone and iPad at this link.

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