How to play Super Mario Run absolutely for free

If you really want to play the full version of Super Mario Run, but to give 749 rubles well, not willing, there are alternative ways to get the game for free.

How? For several years the Network has specialised exchanges that allow free download application for execution of some tasks (at the time I downloaded Pages and Numbers). The point is that you download a free app from the list of the exchange, receive points for this, which you can then exchange either for a promo code to download the app, either on an iTunes gift card.

In such an unusual way to get Super Mario Run drew the attention of the publication as PhoneArena. For example, the service Cash for Apps gives you the opportunity download apps and earn points to get gift cards iTunes. Need certainly to try, but if there is free time — why not? However, to activate the gift card, you will need an account in the us App Store.

Similar services are operating in Russia, in order to avoid conflict of interest we will not advertise any of them. Find them easily in search engines.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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