How to properly clean your device from Apple

Apple’s devices look very good. They are beautiful until that moment, until covered with dust and dirt, but it happens regularly because we use them actively. To clean your electronic devices it is necessary not less than to carry out the cleaning of the house, and it is worth doing it right. Complex technical devices are more whimsical than ceramic floor tiles.

The harsh reality

Working on the Mac, we always talk, breathe, sneeze and cough. We also often take food and drink, sitting at the computer. Inevitably all that surrounds us, it appears on the screen and the keyboard of our computers. To see this, just turn off the screen of your Mac.

In addition, our hands are constantly working with keyboards and touch screens iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. We distribute the bacteria. Often we apply iPhone-to-face. Many are also wearing the Apple Watch during an active workout, when the body is constantly sweating. It all sounds frustrating, but it is. That’s why I have to constantly clean everything that surrounds us.

When people clean their computers and electronic devices, as a rule, they are guided only by common sense. Unfortunately, this is not always sufficient to prevent gross errors.

Avoid moisture

We think that different alcohol-based cleaning substances will cope with the dirt on the screens and keyboards. Of course, they will cope with mud, but these same substances can be very harmful to an oleophobic coating, which protects the screen of your touchscreen devices from fingerprints. These same substances can destroy the anti-reflective coating on the screen of your Mac.

It should also take into account the fact that the liquid can penetrate into electronic devices and cause damage to any of its components.

There are cases in which no fluid can not do, for example, if someone put a sticker on the casing of your iPad, and the sticker left a glue layer. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is not necessary to wet the device, wet the fabric, which you will use it to wipe, and avoid contact with fluids in cracks and openings. Perhaps in most such cases you will only need normal water and you will be able to avoid the use of harmful chemicals.

Use only safe fabric

People wipe their devices in a variety of materials, from lint-free wipes to toilet paper. Not all materials are equally useful. First of all, you should avoid materials that will disintegrate right on your device during the wiping. Paper towels are clearly not suitable. Apple recommends using a lint-free cloth or microfibre cloth. And of course, do not use any abrasive materials.

Disconnect the cables and external devices

This is a very simple rule. Before you clean your iPhone or Mac, disconnect it from all wires and extra devices. Primarily, it will save your device from accidental drops at the time of service. Don’t forget that wires conduct electric current. The safest place will also turn off your device.

Here all the basic rules. How do you clean your devices?

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