How to protect iPhone or iPad from overheating

To observe a temperature mode for smartphones and tablets is just as important for the preservation of their consumer properties, it is important for you. Is one of you to overheat or overcool – and hospital or repair cannot be avoided. Apple also adhere to this point of view, recommending in the operation of iOS-devices do not exceed minimum and maximum temperatures. But how to do it, not everywhere carrying a thermometer?

Let’s first deal with the causes of overheating of the devices. Since neither iPhone, nor iPad, nor even some MacBook models do not have an active cooling system, the chance of failure when excessive absorption is quite high. It can happen in the most familiar everyday situations. For example, prolonged direct sunlight, or in the case of finding near heating appliances. In the end, the high performance of the devices themselves can hurt them no less, releasing enough heat during the execution of time consuming tasks.

According to the above schedule, iPhone, iPad or iPod must not be subjected to work if the air temperature is above 35 and below 0 degrees Celsius. In the case of non-compliance of recommendations, performance of individual functions of the device cannot be guaranteed. For example, there is a dimming of the display, failure of the smartphone (or tablet) to charge, and the failure led flashes. All these are the standard steps taken by the system to avoid further heating. And yet, how to avoid such unpleasant consequences?

The advice is quite simple. The first step is to exclude own negligence and Intrusive the habit of taking the device with me to the bath. As strange as it sounded, but the situation is quite common among fans of the couple and broom. Whenever the gadget starts to heat up significantly, we recommend you to reduce the display brightness to minimum, disabling the location services, LTE and Wi-Fi connection, and disconnect the device from charging. Method with removal of covers, ostensibly preventing the heat, leave to your discretion.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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