How to protect your smartphone from explosion

On Friday appeared the first message about the explosion of the smartphone, which supposedly was the iPhone 7 — the buyer claims the device exploded in the box. Almost all put the story into question as it has many inconsistencies and is more like a custom campaign competition. But do not forget that the risk of ignition of smartphones is still present, as well as all devices with the battery.

The probability of such an incident is extremely low, and you have the option to completely minimize it. First and foremost, do not install on the device the batteries of dubious production: if the cost of battery replacement in the service center two times less than competitors, it is possible that this is a Scam, and they use batteries of low quality.

Second, do not charge your iPhone (and Android smartphones) unknown chargers. In the case of iOS devices charge must be certified by MFi. Cheapest charge does not always follow the necessary safety protocols and are susceptible to voltage surges. For smartphone one serious leap can be disastrous.

Another tip — do not charge the phone when high or too low temperature. Usually for mobile devices, the range of temperatures from 0 to 45 degrees Celsius. So when charging the iPhone on a winter picnic, you run the risk.

And most importantly — protect your iPhone from falls and contact with heavy physical objects. I, for example, after the fall of the smartphone swollen battery, had to change. Treat the device carefully, or even better — put the cover.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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