How to protect yourself from the explosion of the iPhone

Apple cares about the safety of their products, so the incidents with the explosion of the iPhone and iPad are extremely rare. However, any gadget is potentially dangerous. In most cases the explosions caused by chemical processes inside the battery: the battery damage and ingress of oxygen in lithium, which leads to heat. How you can protect yourself from such situations?

First, you need to ensure that the iPhone is not overheated. This is especially true of those who like to play “heavy” games, because at high load activated the full power of the CPU and the graphics accelerator. Also, do not leave your device near heat sources (near the open fire or in the sun).

You can not put the iPhone under your pillow, especially if the device is connected to a power source. Due to the lack of heat sink gadget can overheat and cause battery explosion. As shown by the recent incident in the UK, it can lead to tragic consequences.

If you put iPhone on charge, is to refrain from long phone calls or playing games. So your smartphone will heat up not only from the incoming current, but the additional load on the hardware.

Low temperature also affects the battery. iPhone will be drained much faster because in the cold the battery loses capacity faster and not capable of delivering the stated current. In the shell of the power supply can cause cracks that can cause leakage of lithium.

Every year smartphones are becoming thinner and more productive, increases the resolution of the display. Producers have to increase the battery capacity, why increase the size of the battery. Therefore, it is likely that the deformation of the body of the smartphone is deformed and the battery, which can lead to spontaneous combustion. Owner of an iPhone 6 Plus in Arizona for this reason, received second-degree burn. Try not to carry the iPhone in the pockets, it is better to put the gadget in a bag and use a hard case.

The obvious advice is not to use cheap chargers from unknown manufacturers, because most of them do not pass the security tests. In such cases it is better to overpay and to protect themselves against unforeseen situations on the charger.

And finally, you should purchase a fire extinguisher. This will minimize losses from fire at home or at the cottage.

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Clifton Nichols

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