How to put Mac screensavers with awesome new Apple TV9 review

If you haven’t seen our selection of screensavers for a new Apple TV, suggest that you rather read it ā€” then you will want to install them on your Mac even more. Luckily one of cool developer “pulled” the screensavers with Apple TV and shared them with the public.

All you have to do is go to the dedicated GitHub page and select “Download ZIP”. Unpack the archive and run the file Aerial.saver.

OS X will ask if you want to install screensavers, you will need to enter the administrator password. But after that you will receive in your Arsenal are some stunning panoramas of the cities of the world, which is really fascinating.

To install them, you need to have installed on Mac OS X Mavericks or higher, so older computers, unfortunately, remain on the sidelines.

P. S. Be careful ā€” you can “get stuck” for a long time.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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