How to put music from Apple Music on Budilnik review

Still Wake up to “Wave”, “Ripple” or “Radar”? It’s time to diversify your morning and make more drive and positive. How? Put your alarm clock every million tracks from Apple Music.

Although Apple claim that you have no rights to the music from the streaming service, it can still be use for normal listening. To upload songs, of course, will not work, but then Wake up to your favorite song — easily. To do this, open the Clock application, select the tab “Alarm” and start editing one of the alarm clocks — in particular, the section “Sounds”.

Here in the “Songs” click “song Selection”.

In the window that will be available not only purchased tracks (downloaded or otherwise), but songs from Apple Music. Before this you need to add them in play list- in other words, the tab “My music”. It is better to make the track available offline.

So feel free to go to set an alarm and Wake up tomorrow with their favorite performers. Unless, of course, still maintain a subscription to Apple Music.

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