How to quickly access addresses from Google Maps to Apple Maps

Thanks to the application Commands in iOS 12 there is a way to quickly open addresses from Google Maps to Apple Maps. This life hack will be useful for those who prefer to use Apple Maps, but looking for new places in Google Maps.

If you click on the link to Google Maps on the iPhone, it either opens in the same application, or ā€” on the Google Maps website in Safari. But what if I want to make this link open in Apple Maps? It is easy to fix with the app to iOS.

The trick is based on the fact that Apple Maps support links to Google Maps. If you copy the link from Google Maps and paste it in the search bar in Apple Maps, the map will be a mark. Not to do it manually, one of the users of StackExchange created a shortcut for the application Commands.

How to open links from Google Maps to Apple Maps

  • To install the application “Team” if it’s not available on the smartphone.
  • Install command on the link.
  • Go to Google Maps and copy the link to the desired location using the menu “Share”.
  • Open Apple Maps. The search bar will appear in the copied address.
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