How to quickly hide the screen of your Mac from prying eyes

On the screen of your Mac very often, something important, confidential, and can be something very personal. By the way, the computer screens are large enough, and so someone can always look at your computer and see everything on the screen. Not every computer can be shut down as soon as anybody comes in, and it will look suspicious. Fortunately the Mac has tools that allow you to very quickly extinguish the screen.

Key combination

In order to quickly extinguish the screen of your Mac, use the key combination Shift (⇧)-Ctrl (⌃) – Eject or Shift (⇧)-Ctrl ( ⌃ ) is Power, if you have a newer Mac that does not have the button Eject. I press this combination, and the screen will immediately turn black.

Security settings

After you have cleared the screen, and then want to continue working with the computer, you will be asked to enter the administrator password. So OS X protects your computer from outsiders. However, it’s not very convenient if you need to repay computer screen for just 5 seconds. You can change the security settings. For this you need to open System settings and go to Protection and safety. In tab Main select time to prompt for a password after immersion in sleep mode.

Hot corners

To repay the screen of your Mac can be very fast using “active corners”. This setting allows you to call various system functions when the cursor is over the corner of the screen. To configure hot corners in the system settings called Mission Control. Select the desired corner of the screen, and assign the action to Translate the monitor into sleep mode. Hot corners can be very useful for you, but in this case you can be annoying accidental activation. Often it turns out unintentionally move the mouse to the corner of the screen.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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