How to quickly know where the new iPhone

They do not know that this store ran out of iPhone

Many buyers prefer to buy iPhone smartphones abroad while traveling — they don’t go specifically for gadgets, just go to the Apple Store as if “in passing”. If you also do that sometimes and expect in the next couple of weeks to go to the USA, Europe, Australia or Hong Kong, it is necessary to prepare the demand for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus incredibly large, so that devices may just not be available.

In one of the most useful sites for buyers of new products from Apple iStockNow. It monitors the availability of new devices in retail stores (Apple Store) in real time and displays the results using Google maps. In other words, you can access any city or country and see if there is in stock the model you want: you can choose the color, memory and other parameters.

In addition, there is the opportunity to open any retail store and obtain a situation report on the presence of smartphones. Russia is not supported because there is no Apple Store.

If you at least sometimes buy Apple devices in other countries, store this site in bookmarks. At the time I certainly went to a retail store for an iPad mini, but the tablet was not there.

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