How to quickly remove attachments from iMessage, retaining correspondence

Many users of the iMessage service can not even imagine what all those photos, videos, voice notes and other attachments take up extra space on their devices. The system saves not only original, but also used in the copy of the message, which negatively affects especially the owners of the 16-Gigabyte devices. How to quickly get rid of photos and videovagina, while maintaining the correspondence, we will now discuss.

Fortunately for many, this time will not have to use third-party applications to optimize internal space on your iPhone or iPad. IOS 9 already has a special mechanism of “selective” removal of attachments. For this you need to open iMessage and select the desired conversation from the photos which you want to get rid of.

Now, instead of flipping out and remove each image or video individually, click on the “Detail” button at the top right corner. You will see a special menu which is available all attachments sent to the selected source.

In order to erase unwanted content from the device memory, you will need the usual holding call command line. See Delete key? Define if you want to remove one image. While the “More” will allow you to select multiple pictures and videos and instantly erase them. Here it is:

These simple steps will help you to more efficiently use precious space own iOS devices, removing spam and duplicate content while keeping important correspondence.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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