How to quickly search for and send gifs on iPhone

The new Messages app in iOS 10 really changed communication in iMessage to a new level — so that many now refused third-party messengers in favor of the standard solutions. Special attention is given for iMessage App Store, where you can spend a few hours and find some interesting pieces. For example, a convenient service to search and upload images in GIF format.

It is actually very simple, as it used to do at Apple. Open the window with the conversation, choose the App Store icon, then click on the button in the lower left corner.

Open the app store to iMessage where in the search you can enter “GIF” to select one of the services on work with images of this format. For example, GIPHY. After installation it will become available directly in the typing, and you will be able to find any so-called “innovation Fund” at will.

Choose the image that accompanied his signature (optional) — and more!

Range of GIF images are incredibly large, you can find pictures even on a narrow theme. Now you know how to cheer up a boring interlocutor when communicating with iMessage.

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