How to reach the subscriber, if he banned you

Probably many of you have been blocked by various subscribers — sometimes it happens impulsively, sometimes by chance, however, to reach the desired number, if he banned you, you will be able to: a busy tone will brighten up the expectation, but is unlikely to help. How to call in this case?

Solved this problem quite simply. Enter in “Telephone” section of the iPhone settings where you choose menu “Show room”. Remove the toggle “Show room”.

Then you can call the caller who has blocked — on screen will display a call from “anonymous”. In General, as a temporary solution will do, however would not advise to get involved.

It is worth noting one important detail — the ability to hide the display of the rooms depends on the operator. For example, “Beeline” we have to make it not work, but it worked on the Yota.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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