How to read the important news only on iPhone and iPad

In the modern world from a quantity of news, you can go crazy: hundreds of information posted by different sources, dozens of tapes of news agencies — all this to handle, just not enough time. But what if you will have the opportunity to learn only the most important events of the day? The benefit of such an app recently appeared in the App Store.

The application “RIA Novosti: the End of the day” from the MIA “Russia today” provides the most important information and analysis of the day right in your iPhone.

No confusing menus, authorization via social networks, in-app purchases and other inconveniences — only the main themes on the screen and the news, illustrated with photos, videos, and infographics. Looks nice and minimalistic: instead of spending a whole hour (or more) to read the news, you can stay up to date with all the events and viewing all within a few minutes.

Any article can be shared on social networks, and if you want to add it to your favorites. If you do not have time to read the agenda yesterday, you can open it using the archive editions.

App users receive the news in 20 hours Moscow time, they see a push notification and can see the end of the day.

So you get a personal host that works for you. This is great, because the free time you can spend on other Hobbies. For people with a loaded schedule, including many in our newsroom, this app was a real gem. Download free at the link below and try it yourself!

Title: RIA Novosti: the End of the day
Publisher/developer: RIA Novosti
Price: Free
In-app purchases: No
Compatibility: Universal app
Application already interested in:
94 human
Link: Set

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