How to recover deleted files from iCloud

Loss of important files is always annoying. Especially if it happens by accident and with something this critical. Fortunately erased from iCloud documents and photos can be saved, and all that is needed, web browser and data Apple ID.

Despite the fact that recovery of deleted files impossible to find in iOS and macOS, this still exists. It is available on the website So the first thing to do is go to this resource and enter your login credentials where stored your lost files.

On the main screen of the site displays the familiar icons of iOS apps. Among them there is the settings icon. It is he we need. After going to settings you need to scroll to the bottom and find under Advanced item Restore Files.

In the Restore Files window displays four tabs. Each is responsible for certain data. The first file, the second contacts, the third event on the calendar, the fourth bookmark in Safari. We need the first tab. It is a search and recover deleted documents, photos and so on. It should be noted that retrieval of deleted material may take a long time. It all depends on the number and size of files.

After the screen displays a list of data that can be restored, simply put a tick to the left of them and click the Restore button. Within a few minutes they will return to their seats. It is important to understand that even in the iCloud files are stored not more than 30 days. So you’ll have to hurry to save all that expensive.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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