How to reinstall macOS Sierra

Most Mac users without problems moved to a new operating system macOS Sierra, but there are those who are faced with problems. If your computer has become slower or have any glitches on the software level, there is a sense to reinstall the OS. In this article we will talk about the method of reinstalling macOS Sierra, which does not imply a full format on Mac, and delete user data. That is not a “clean” install of the system in which removes all data.

Despite the fact that it is just reinstalling macOS Sierra, which does not affect anything more theoretically in the process can cause problems. Therefore, we strongly recommend to backup your Mac.

How to reinstall macOS Sierra

Step 1: first make a backup of your computer data.

Step 2: Restart the Mac, press and hold COMMAND + R immediately after you hear the boot sound. It will put the computer into recovery mode.

Step 3: In the window “macOS Utility, select Reinstall macOS”.

Step 4: Click “Continue” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 5: select the disk, select your hard drive on which macOS is installed, and click “Install”.

After starting the process of reinstalling macOS Sierra the screen will turn black and you’ll see a white Apple logo with progress bar and remaining time to completion.

Upon completion macOS Sierra will automatically start in normal mode. Your account, data, apps and settings will remain in place. The reinstallation involves re-indexing of the files on the drive that may affect performance, but in the end Mac will work as before.

Some users report that reinstalling macOS Sierra helped to solve many of the problems that arose after the upgrade. Therefore, it is not necessary to resort to extreme measures and perform a clean installation.

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Clifton Nichols

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