How to remove virus mshelper attacking Mac owners

All owners of Apple computers were experiencing problems with overheating the device is to test it for the presence of virus mshelper.

In reddit and on the Apple support website began to receive reports of a new malicious software, which overloads the CPU, which in turn leads to reduced computer performance and rapid battery consumption in laptops.

It is unknown what, exactly, constitutes mshelper, and why he spends so many resources. Some victims of the virus believe that it is a mini cryptoform using the power of other computers to retrieve the cryptocurrency.

In addition to the overloading of the processor no more violations in the work of the infected computers were found.

How to make sure there is mshelper

To do this:

  • Open the app “system Monitoring”.
  • Choose “CPU”.
  • Click on the tab “process Name” to sort them in alphabetical order.

Then you need to find among processes mshelper. If it is not, but problems with the load remains, the problem should look elsewhere.

How to remove mshelper

If you still managed to find the virus, you should immediately get rid of.

To do this:

  • To Open Finder.
  • Open in the menu the tab “Transition”.
  • Hold down Alt and open the folder “Library”.
  • Go to the folder LauchAgents (LaunchDaemons) and delete the file com.pplauncher.plist.
  • Go to the folder Application Support/pplauncher and delete the file pplauncher.

You can then close the process mshelper and forget about it.

Apple has always paid special attention to the security of its operating systems, but it is not always possible to avoid such problems. Perhaps in the near future the company will figure out how to protect Mac owners from new misfortune.

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