How to replace your router to the Airport Express or Extreme

Sooner or later the owners of iPhone or iPad I want to replace my old router AirPort Express, Extreme or Time Capsule. But if you think it will have a long time to set up a new device, it does not. Router configuration possible from Apple right from your iPhone or iPad, without installing third-party applications.

Connect the AirPort next to my old router and on your iPhone open “Settings” — Wi-Fi. Below, select “Configure new AirPort”.

Next, select your new device, click “More options” and then “Replace existing device”.

In the next step click “Not router Apple”, and then the network you want to connect your gadget AirPort.

After that the network will be automatically configured. Can throw away an old router or move it to another part of the house to extend the network. The same setting can be enjoyed on iPad or Mac.

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