How to restore contacts, calendars and files on iPhone and iPad

If you ever, for any reason, lost files, contacts or calendars on your iPhone or iPad, you probably know how difficult (and often impossible) to recover them. The benefit of using the web version of iCloud this can be done, not only recent but also old documents and contacts.

Log in to the web version of iCloud, then go to “Settings”. Here in the lower left corner placed additional settings with the ability to recover files, contacts, calendars, reminders and bookmarks.

For example, you can restore the contacts as of the last day or even last month ā€” in this case a new archive will replace the contacts on all devices, and existing contacts will be backed up.

The same goes for calendars ā€” very handy if you placed all the work and you are using this app to plan your day.

With files all not so is simple ā€” they are restored from iCloud Drive, and each has a certain number of days before the removal. In General, this is enough to recover some important document.

So if you suddenly lose your information (better, of course, not to do so), you will always know where to find her.

Thanks to reader Roman Abramov for finding it.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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