How to return the classic design of iOS 5 on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

All ingenious – is simple. That old truth confirmed the new service, with which you can bring back on iPhone and iPad running iOS 9 the classic look of the Apple operating system.

With the departure of jobs ‘ life left an entire era in the design of interfaces. In place of the skeuomorph came flat icons, gradients, bright colors and transparency. Apple design chief Jonathan Ive, responsible for developing the operating system, completely redefined the iOS interface.

The creators of the service iSkin decided that many users have nostalgia for the old design with classic icons and Wallpapers, and for such users, has developed a new design theme. It is for everyone, jailbreak is not needed. She returns to iOS 9 continues to set Wallpaper and app icons: Calendar, Notes, Safari, Clock and other apps look exactly like 5 years ago.

How to restore iOS 5 on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak:

Step 1: Open the iSkin page using the Safari browser.

Step 2: Scroll down and select “Browse all themes” to view a list of all the topics.

Step 3: Select the theme for the iOS 5.

Step 4: Click on “Application icons” to go to select application icons.

Step 5: Click on each icon for iOS 5, which you want to install and name it to your liking.

Step 6: Click “Install icons”.

Step 7: On the screen appears a notification about the installation, then you should put the configuration profile.

Step 8: Click “Install”.

Step 9: If you used a password, enter it and again press “Set”.

Step 10: back in Safari, if all goes well, a message will appear “Installation in progress” on a green background.

Step 11: Wait a few seconds and return to the home screen. On the last page you will see your new icons.

Step 12: go Back to Safari. Scroll down to Home screen item (1). Go into it and save the image to your phone’s memory. The Wallpaper of iOS 5.

Step 13: Go back and go to Lock screens (3). Here you need to save an image for the lock screen.

Step 14: Open the Photos app and install classic Wallpapers and lock screen.

Note that the service sets the iSkin untrusted configuration profile. After all the experiments with the gadget to remove a profile go to Settings –> General –> Profile and click “Delete profile”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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