How to save attachments from mail to iCloud Drive

It’s no secret that save the attachments from the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad is quite problematic ā€” you need to either open them in a special application, or save to camera roll (if this photo), not to mention to transfer the file to your computer or other device with a single click. However, one convenient way to protect the capital we find.

For this you need a iPhone or iPad and activated iCloud cloud storage Drive ā€” if you have a iOS 9, you probably already switched to it. Open any email in the Mail app with an attachment, scrolls to the attachments and click on it for a few seconds.

Small window will appear, where in addition to the standard options menu “Save attachment”. Open your iCloud storage Drive, then you will be prompted to choose where to save the attached file. After a few seconds (depending on size) he will be in the cloud.

You can now access your investments from any device that has iCloud Drive. For example, you can conveniently send it to your Mac, in the Finder where is the appropriate section.

This way you can save any files, from photos and documents to audio and short videos.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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