How to save money on buying Apple Watch to 14 thousand rubles

You can search for the lowest prices on Apple Watch in Russia, but cheaper than in the US, you will not be able to buy smart watches. This does not mean that right now you need to run to apply for a visa, buying a ticket to new York, make hotel reservations and so on. There is an option much easier and to go anywhere is not necessary.

Let us do it again the service “mail-order” by which you can easily order products from USA and Europe. Apple Watch Series 2 started last Friday, so now you can buy (to buy, not pre-order) is the second generation of smart watches from Apple directly to the official website of the company.

Order the Apple Watch in the United States in two ways — independently as well as with the help of the service “Help to buy “our services”. I have to say, to sort out the order form on the Apple website is not easy, so if you don’t want to waste time and nerves, it is better to treat the helper. In the personal account is sufficient to open the relevant section, enter the link to the product, color, price, quantity and other parameters — for example, the type of strap.

“Mail-order” ‘ll buy you an Apple Watch — you’ll only need to top up the balance to the required amount in the personal account.

If used to do everything themselves, choosing the right model on the Apple website, and when you see the window with the delivery, enter the address that gave you “Did” in Delaware. Payment in this case is also available independently.

Order the Apple Watch in the United States (both the first and second generation) is much cheaper than to buy a watch in Russia. The steeper the model you want to buy, the more you save: for example, the steel Apple Watch Series 2 42mm in the us store will cost about 14 thousand rubles cheaper. For example — here’s what benefit can be when you buy some versions of watches in the United States.

But even if we take the simplest version of the Apple Sport Watch Series 2, we get: 369 $ for the watch + $ 25 for “assisted purchase + $ 10 for shipping in the US and about $ 26 for shipping to your home with Qwintry Air. Get the 430 instead of $ 523 USD in Russia.

So if you wanted to buy yourself an Apple Watch, it’s a great chance to make your purchase not only enjoyable, but also profitable.

By the way, every week and service “mail-order” holding a competition that will cast two free delivery. All you need to do to participate is fill out a form available on the page with the terms of the tender or later in this material. The winners will be announced on the page with the terms and conditions good luck!

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