How to sell and buy second-hand iPhone? 10 tips

The closer the release of the new iPhone, the more people want to either upgrade, or buy an older model with a powerful discount. In this text – the main tips for those who decided to contact the secondary market.

How to sell?

1. The best time to sell is a weekend just before the presentation of the new iPhone.

In our case, 9-10 September. It is unknown what has caused such aggravation shopaholicism enuresis, but people can’t really stand up to the presentation and without any bargaining bought smartphones that are about to expire. Perhaps all count on the discount, but discounts.

2. The most important is to indicate in the advertisement all the shortcomings, but at the same time to prescribe fair condition.

If the device pulls outwardly, whether on four-plus, five-minus, it is best to choose the option of four – so the buyer will be less than expected. All chips and scratches should be a picture to avoid wasting time on useless trips around the city. It is surprising that even in 2017, there are people who publish ads pictures of iPhones from Google. You can’t do that.

3. The most reliable platform for advertising – own profile in VK, Twitter or Facebook. You can even ask friends about revite or repost.

The most versatile platform Avito. Normal alternatives yet.

The mediocre Playground – some group in “Vkontakte”, where people sort of sell phones.

First, you write guaranteed to single mothers. They will be asked to give the iPhone for 4 thousand rubles, because the husband goat: run away and not pay child support.

Second, the typical inhabitants of the VC rarely know how to read. If it says “no sharing”, they will offer to give up the phone on the bike. If it says “non-negotiable”, they will ask how much you are willing to throw.

And stuff like that. Even better not to meddle.

4. There are two pricing strategies.

First bold: to put a slightly above market (1-3 thousand), not to write anything about bargaining, and then either throw the difference, or wait for the impatient fool who is willing to pay a higher price.

The second strategy is a quick. You can put a price of one thousand rubles lower than the market average, and sell it on the day of placement.

5. The kit is best to put only what you gave originally: box, headphones, adapter, cable, and the iPhone.

Cases and protectors – purely as a bonus, this rule of etiquette. You can weld on these accessories is simply not accepted: nobody annoys stronger than the people who first whine that bought a leather case for 5 Grand, and then require a surcharge.

Expensive case? Okay, keep it, but stop whining.

How to buy?

1. Perfect time to buy – end of September or beginning of October, the first weekend of official sales. The bourgeoisie EN masse, take off the old iPhones, you do not pluck a price and allow you to negotiate 1-2 thousand.

2. The optimal location for a meeting with the seller – not crowded restaurant. There you can inspect the iPhone under the light, and slowly to check everything. The wonderful script is to call a friend from the service who, for example, immediately recognize a non-native screen.

The worst place to meet – metro. There are all in a hurry to sit really nowhere, and people are running around. Even prosharenny people can easily buy some stuff.

On the second place on danger – shops in shopping centers. There is also not good deals.

3. The verification procedure of iPhone is very clear.

We need to compare the IMEI on the box and in the settings check the full screen, insert your headphones, carefully pressing all the buttons (especially the Home), switching the lever buzzfuse, start the camera and replay a track at maximum volume through the speaker – sometimes they rattle.

In addition, it is necessary to ask the seller to put the app in the spirit of Battery Life – it shows battery wear. Only after studying statistics in this program, you can do a full reset of your new iPhone.

4. Take a closer look at the condition of the accessories.

It is easy to understand how carefully addressed with the phone. If the headset is turned gray, and killed the cord resembles a whip, it is wiser to withdraw from the transaction – most likely the iPhone, too, lying in ashtrays, swam in the toilets and fell from a height of human growth.
Do you need such a gadget? Doubtful.

5. Do not get fooled by the covers, protectors, glass and stickers.

Immediately warn that you watch the iPhone only without the tinsel. A sticker can be a terrible scratch under the glass as a second screen, and under the cover, which is so hard to remove (“well, then it will pull together? Everything is fine, honestly”), clearly hiding a hideous scrapes.

So iPhone need to see naked. If the seller does not agree to tear off – good-bye. That’s his problem, and you will find another seller more than adequate.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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