How to sell old iPad with the maximum benefit

In the world of technology there are no storms. On the market constantly come out with new hardware and software products. New devices are becoming more powerful and the apps consuming more power. Because one day you may find that your usual iPad, which recently was good in almost all respects, does not cope with the assigned tasks. If you decide to sell your old tablet and buy something newer, you should consider several important points.

Ways of selling

Unfortunately, to sell iPad can be little harder than the iPhone. The fact that the smartphone is, by definition, more in demand product than tablet computers. Smartphones, but without the “pill” is quite possible to do. Given this, it is for iPad not provided an official program of replacing old models with new, like the iPhone Upgrade Program. So the user who wishes to sell old iPad, will have to choose between the Trade-in or sale to a private person who writes

The Trade-in involves replacing the old product to the new surcharge. Offers Trade-in can be found in various stores, including in Russia. This is a quick and convenient way of selling tablet, but not the best. To sell a product “with” at much better price. But in this case, you need to consider a couple of nuances.

Selling to a private person

As mentioned above, the tablet is not such a popular item like a smartphone. If you put on sale iPhone on any Bulletin Board, then the buyer will be almost immediately at any time of the year. But with the iPad selling better to wait for the right moment.

The best time to be placed on the sale of an old Apple – immediately after the company will introduce a new model iPad. The fact that every Apple is a major event, which for a long time discussing on the Internet. The interest of users to the company’s products increases simply due to the fact that it is all hearsay. If the company introduces a new iPad, immediately increases the number of those who wants to afford such a toy. The new model not everyone, because many people are starting to think about buying the older version. And then you go on stage you are with your ad.

Buying and selling

Like any computer, iPad, for sure, saves a lot of important information about his master. These can be personal photos, passwords from different resources, or even credit card data. If you change the tablet for the Trade-in program, shop will take care of removing all the excess before resale. But when you sell iPad to a private person, you definitely need to make sure that new owner will not get anything extra.

To quickly save your important data before cleaning, connect iPad to computer with iTunes installed, go to the tab “Browse” and select “backup to this computer”. When the program saves all data from your tablet to your computer, you can safely delete them from the iPad.

After that, disconnect your tablet from your iCloud account. You can do this under “Settings” > “iCloud”.

After the tablet is cleared from your data and brought into a state close to the factory, it’s time to think about his appearance. Before taking pictures, clean the tablet from dust and fingerprints. Verify that the connectors are free of dirt.

To photograph the tablet preferably in natural daylight, because light bulbs can give unsightly glare. A good title picture looks like this:

After you will make a beautiful cover photo, be sure to make clear photos of the tablet from all sides so that a potential buyer can assess its exterior condition. Try to find the original packaging and other stuff that comes bundled with the tablet, including a paper instruction. The more fully will the equipment, the higher price you’ll be able to assign for the product. By the way, the complete set also needs to be reflected in the photo.

These simple tips will allow you to sell iPad with the maximum benefit.

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Clifton Nichols

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