How to set automatic login in OS X

Most often, Mac users are authenticated in the system with a password is convenient, safe and not too long, if the computer did not go the second decade. But there are times when the password is not needed: for example, if you have a family or a working machine if this is one of the devices of the computer class, where Mac always use different people. To activate automatic login in OS X is not difficult, much more difficult at times to understand why this is not possible on the computer.

To configure automatic logon without a password, you need to go to system preferences, section “Users and groups”. Log in using your administrator password (the icon with a lock) and click the “login Settings”. Here is what will be cherished menu to activate authorization without a password.

Or not? You may not see it in some cases. First, automatic login is not available when FileVault encryption is enabled — will disable it. Also the function is not available if you log in with a password from iCloud.

However, if you don’t want someone gained access to your files, encryption, on the contrary, it is better to include. Otherwise, the password Mac reset for a couple of minutes, we already showed how it’s done.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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