How to simplify work on Mac keyboard for Windows

To work on Macs, of course, easier with keyboards from Apple (that is not true of mice Magic Mouse), but often users choose third-party solutions — gaming keyboard, which is familiar. This is especially true for owners of Mac mini, since the package contains neither keyboard nor mouse.

Generally, the use of third-party keyboards will not entail any disadvantages: the Control key on your keyboard for Windows performs the same functions as on the Mac, in the role of the Option acts as Alt and the Command is Windows key. But one point is still annoying.

The point is the location of the keys on Windows and Mac it is different, so you can just start to miss and click the wrong place. Here’s how the difference looks like visually:

Mac: ⌃ | ⌥ | ⌘
Windows: ⌃ | ⌘ | ⌥

To restore the usual arrangement of the keys, it is not necessary to open the keyboard, you just go to settings OS X, Chapter “Keyboard”. Next, select the “modifier Key”.

For the Option select Command, and for Command — Option as in the screenshot below.

Save the changes and enjoy the keys again in a familiar place. So here’s a little trick.

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