How to solve problem with Touch ID in iOS 9.3.1

With the iOS update 9.3.1, unfortunately, also not everything went smoothly: some are experiencing poor battery life, others identify some, though not critical, bugs. One of them is malfunctioning fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

Problem noted by many of our readers who are attacking not only our editorial the box, but the official Apple support forum. Touch ID independently on and then turns off, and the reasons are unknown. The topic is rapidly gaining views and messages, and so far, she has only one solution.

According to the specialists of our partner service center ModMac, the problem is solved by reflashing the device through iTunes, and it is suitable for the iPhone and iPad. If this method does not suit you, it may indicate physical damage to the Home button. Self-repair then it is better not to do — you should contact the service center.

Have you noticed problems with the fingerprint scanner after installing iOS 9.3.1?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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