How to solve the problem samaratransgas case AirPods

Premature discharge AirPods and complete case reported by some owners of headphones, can be nothing other than the usual software failure. With the corresponding statement was made by one of the users of the website Reddit, which first reported complaints. According to the enthusiast, in most cases the problem is not irreversible and is subject to self-elimination. It will take more than one minute.

  • Press and hold the settings button on the rear of the case for at least 15 seconds for the status indicator began flashing yellow light a few times and then continued to flash white light;

  • In order to see the signal indicator, we recommend to do the steps with the lid open. AirPods back to factory settings and will not be synced to your devices automatically.
  • Now plug in your headphones to their devices again.
  • Spend the necessary manipulations for configuring control gestures, since the previous installation will be erased.

Too easy? Possible. However, many owners AirPods report clear improvement. Remained, however, and those who this method did not help completely, forcing disappointed in the quality of “Apple” products. If you are among the last, highly recommend not to delay and contact the dealer or your nearest service center. A list of ASTs in your city can be found at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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