How to solve the problem with a quick discharge of the battery after installing iOS 10.2

Some iPhone and iPad users, according to reports in the Network, faced with the accelerated discharge of the battery after installing iOS 10.2. Users also complain of spontaneous off smartphones at a relatively high battery level (30% or even 50%).

IOS release 10.2 left users dissatisfied. People complain about their iPhone on the official Apple support forum. Most complaints on time of Autonomous work, which has decreased on some devices.

The problem affected not all owners of iPhone and iPad, but the number of reports shows that this is not an isolated case. Bug with quick discharge of the battery, which brought iOS release 10.2 and the problem with spontaneous disabling of smartphones, which has affected a number of iPhone models, is solved using one of the methods described below.

To disable tracking of fitness

In some cases it may be incorrect operation of the coprocessor movements in iOS 10 on the iPhone and which is causing abnormal battery drain. Some users disable completely solved the problem with the abnormal discharge. To turn off the feature in Settings ā€“> Privacy ā€“> Motion & fitness, moving the switch to “Track fitness” in the “Off”position.

Hard reboot

What to do in case of problems with the discharge ā€“ to perform a hard restart of the gadget. To do this, simultaneously hold the Home button and the power button to the moment the device will reboot and Apple logo appears. If you have an iPhone 7, it is necessary to keep the power button and the button to decrease the volume. Make sure you hold both buttons at the same time. If the problem persists, skip to the next paragraph.

Reset all settings

To reset the iPhone and iPad operating system, namely, in the Reset in the main menu iOS 10. There is also a number of other settings that can be useful. In our case we will use the option “Reset all settings”. This command allows you to “reset” the installation of the operating system without losing information. After clicking the button, a notification will appear. “Do you want to continue? All settings will be reset. Information and media will remain.”

Clean install of iOS 10.2

If the previous two methods do not resolve the problem, you should perform a clean installation of iOS 10.2. You need to download IPSW file iOS 10.2 and open iTunes. In the program you must click “Update” while holding down Shift (or Alt), and specify the firmware file.

Calling tech support

If you have completed all the previous steps, but the problem persists, perhaps we are talking about a serious hardware defect. To resolve the problem, please contact the service center, where experienced craftsmen will repair your gadget.

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