How to solve the problem with corrupted apps on the Mac

The last couple of days some users may have noticed the problem with the Mac App Store — say, the downloaded app is corrupted and you must re download from the Apple app store. As noted by many developers, it’s the fault of the company from Cupertino, which has not updated the certificate the Mac App Store. Fortunately, this problem found a solution. And no, don’t reinstall the “damaged” applications.

One of the simplest solutions is to restart your Mac. It helps about 80 % of cases, and it is possible that you are among the lucky ones. If the error persists, you must run the Mac App Store after reboot, exit from your account, and then log into it again.

For advanced users there is one easy solution — use this command to “Terminal”, which “kills” the process storeaccountd.

sudo killall -v storeaccountd

One of these methods should save you from having to reinstall applications that do not run due to error Apple. Surprisingly, of course, how such a large company forgot to renew the certificate.

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