How to speed up iPhone for 10 seconds

We have already many times gave advice on how to make your iPhone work faster. Among these recommendations is the purification of memory from the data consumption is running in the background applications. Previously it was known only about two ways to do this: turn to unload all apps from memory or reboot the device. However, recently it became known about the third way that will most quickly get rid of the cache of the applications and only takes ten seconds of your time.

Everything works extremely simple: you clamp the lock screen button until when the display will show the slider to mute your phone. Further, instead of turning the device off or click on “cancel”, you need within a few seconds of holding the Home button. After that, you immediately get to the main iOS screen.

Tapping twice on the Home button will bring up the multitasking menu and you will see that all running apps are still open. However, if you go to each of these applications, they will load as if you open them for the first time after restarting the smartphone.

And one more thing: before you do this, make sure your iPhone is unlocked. Otherwise, after holding the Home button will launch Siri, ask such favors will be pointless. By the way, this method works on all iOS devices, so if you have an iPad, you have this advice also applies.

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