How to stop to charge the Apple Watch every day

Almost every night last week I was loading Apple Watch since the watch is able to “live” without charging a maximum of a day, this is the optimum time. But in the night from Thursday to Friday, I forgot about the charging, in the end, the traditional procedure had to be postponed to the following morning. Watch took charge at 15:00 on Friday… and they still have 30 % charge. How so?

The instructions are fairly simple. All night Friday I’m pretty active use the Apple Watch and by nightfall activated “eco-Mode” is a special mode in which the clock only shows time. Accordingly, charging they almost do not consume.

All day Saturday the Apple Watch worked again in normal mode, and at night — Yes, eco-mode again. The same thing happened on Sunday. And now Monday, and the watch is still able to work at least until lunch. So, if every night to put the clock in eco-mode, can be a good idea to extend the battery life.

Unless of course you use the Apple Watch as an alarm clock, this method is not for you. But most often watch to charge it at night (or in the car), so how to do this during your work or study is problematic.

In fairness it should be noted that the output clock was not used too much — mostly for notifications. But it’s great that even thus you can forget about the daily charging of the Apple Watch at least for a while. Try it and you.

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