How to take notes in iPhone lock screen

IOS 11, Apple introduced the ability to create and edit notes from the lock screen. Show you how to enable and configure this feature.

At WWDC 2017 Vice-President of the company Craig Federighi focused on the fact that the iPad can run the Notes app, simply touching the screen brand stylus. the iPhone does not support Apple Pencil, but it is also possible to launch notes directly from the lock screen.


First you need to open your phone, go to menu “control Point” found in the list of applications Notes and add them to the list. Now the curtain will be a new icon, clicking on which will create a new note. If you hold it your finger or press with force, there will be additional options: a list of tasks, photos and sketch.

Setup notes on the lock screen

The user can configure the behavior of the application in the control. To do this:

  • To open the settings of the smartphone.
  • Go to the menu “Notes”.
  • Scroll down to submenu “Notes on lock. screen” and go into it.

Here you can reassign the action of the applications in control center. For example, by clicking on the button in the PU will not be created a new note, and to open the last active. So convenient to shopping list or keep on hand any other desired data.

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