How to take screenshots on iPhone X no Home button?

Yesterday, Tim cook introduced iPhone jubilee X c frameless OLED display, in which many of the usual functions will work in new ways due to the lack of the Home button.

The new smartphone supports a large number of gestures, rasplachivaetsya system using Face ID that scans a user’s face, and in another opens and closes the application. The iPhone X will have to relearn how to control the phone, although Tim cook and Craig Federighi saying that it will take quite a bit of time and effort.

For example, a completely different combination of buttons you will need in order to make the iPhone screen X. In the absence of the Home button, the screenshots on the new Apple smartphone are removed with the simultaneous pressing of buttons of blocking and increase in sound.

If you hold down both buttons of the smartphone screen momentarily flashes and when the sound of a click should be heard as during the photo shooting.

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