How to test the performance of the iPhone and iPad

Many users, closely studying the features of any gadget, the first look at its technical component. But even detailed information about the hardware devices will not give you a clear understanding of how the machine will behave in practice.

That is why, as noted by Svyaznoy, have become so popular synthetic performance tests, during which it turns out the real capacity of a particular device. This is a very significant process because if the model gaining the greatest number of points in the popular benchmark, then its value increases in the eyes of the average user who can do nothing to sense in the gland.

How does it work?

Synthetic benchmarks migrated to the mobile platform with personal computers. Since smartphones are equipped with massively powerful computational component, there is a need of comparison of different models.

The models are different, but the test conditions they need to create the same, for the sake of cleanliness and reliability of the experiments. A certain time of the test, clearly marked with the load on each component: the graphics card, system memory, CPU. By analogy with the software for a PC (CPU-Z, GPU-Z, 3DMark for mobile has developed its own applications that provide the required loading of iron in specific conditions. Well, essentially the benchmark is any process occurring under the same conditions on different hardware platforms.

CPU, RAM or graphics chip does not have to be extreme but for a reliable assessment of the capacity of iron starts quite heavy and resource-intensive process within the permissible limits. Experience is not necessary: the filling doesn’t burn, the back cover will not fry. All that is required from user is to download the app and run it on the device. For reasons of clarity, other applications should be closed.

According to the results of tens and hundreds of tests smartphones each application of the benchmark have formed a private database, where are stored the results of synthetic tests, passed each apparatus. On their basis composed a kind of performance ratings. To get to the top position in this ranking from a reputable benchmark for any modern device is very prestigious.


AnTuTu Wepsic is perhaps the most popular and influential application for performance testing of devices on iOS and Android. Worldwide utility used by over 100 million people.

The program tests the operation of the chipset, RAM, 2D and 3D graphics, the speed of the write and read buffer, the performance of database operations. Bonus features ā€“ test the battery and stability of the OS. In the end, you can see the performance of each component of your device individually, and also see an overall performance score.

Comparing the received data with its own extensive database of results, AnTuTu will position the apparatus in its ranking among other devices. Of course, the more virtual points scored gadget according to the test results, the better.

Geekbench 3

Geekbench 3 is another popular cross-platform benchmark. The utility creates an artificial, but realistic load conditions of the hardware platform of the device to identify the true performance capabilities.

A distinctive feature of the program ā€“ processor test. Benchmark not only loading each core of the chipset separately, but also shows real results with single-core and multi-core mode.


Utility 3DMark known, perhaps, all the avid gamers. The program is able to simulate real gameplay on a PC, thus allowing you to correctly load all the stuffing of the computer and to determine the real performance.

Time spotting the trend, the creators of the software released a mobile version of their development. Depending on the tested component and the class to which your device is, 3DMark will offer to download and install the appropriate test, a total of seven available. Utility initiates as close as possible to the real situation the load of the CPU and GPU, and as a result renders his own verdict, and proposes to compare the results with other devices that have passed the test.

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