How to tidy up your email on iPhone

In recent years become fashionable towards “inbox zero” ā€” like, if you keep your Inbox clean from letters, pre-answering them, you can become more productive. Overall it is really so: for example, you can read the letter and forget to answer it, and by moving mail to the “completed” list, will be sure that the work is completed.

As a rule, this opportunity can only boast of a third-party email clients, but in the standard application, you can configure something like “inbox zero”. To do this, open the program “Mail”, a list of your mailboxes and click “Edit”.

Place a checkmark in the item “Unread” and click “finish”. Then interact with the incoming messages using the pop section “Unread”.

For example, you received the letter, read it, replied and it disappeared from the list. Accordingly, if not to be lazy and conscientiously to work with their mail, you can always maintain the status of “inbox zero”. Peculiar, yet quite interesting solution.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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