How to transfer imessages to another Mac10 comments

Probably, many faced with the problem, when buying a new Mac was necessary to move the archive of old messages from the old computer. Built-in iMessage means you cannot do this, but there is a way by which old messages will still appear on another Mac.

To start, open “Messages”, then “Settings”. Here in the menu “General” put a check “Save history when conversations are completed.” If it was not, it is possible to move the archive you can’t.

After that, you need to open Finder and hold down the key combination Command + Shift + G. Go to the folder /Library/Messages.

Copy the contents of a Messages folder and move it to your new Mac (desktop).

Repeat the same procedure with the Finder and find the Messages folder, but on another computer. Cleaned it and paste the copied content from your old Mac.

Restart the Mac and enjoy life! Now your old messages will always be with you.

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