How to troubleshoot the Internet connection in iOS 12.1.2

After the release of iOS 12.1.2, many iPhone users began complaining about problems with Internet connection over the cellular network. Talk about the workaround to resolve this kind of problems.

In the description of the latest version of iOS was observed in only two points: the first correction is associated with the functionality of the eSIM, and the second — with problems of mobile communication in Turkey.

After the operating system upgrade, iPhone users began posting Twitter messages about how to automatically disable cellular data and the network failure.

“Hey @Apple @AppleSupport you Have a solution for iOS 12.1.2? Friday my wife’s iPhone cannot be used as a phone,” writes one Twitter user.

Interestingly, one of the owners of iOS-mobile announced that the Facebook app was working, but Safari and other programs not.

“@AppleSupport after upgrading to version 12.1.2 is the only app that can access mobile data is Facebook, all the rest give an error that no connection”.

“@AppleSupport @Apple I use iPhone 8 iOS Plus 12.1.3 beta, and I am having a problem with connecting to a mobile network. This happens with the OS version 12.1.2. What should I do?”

“Thank you @Apple @AppleSupport for a Christmas gift… after updating iPhone to iOS 12.1.2 I can enable cellular data. I did reset my device and now can not activate it”.

Currently, the iPhone maker has not commented on the situation. If you have any such kind of problem, you can use a temporary solution.

  • Disable the “Calls over Wi-Fi” in the menu “Cellular communication” in “Settings”.
  • Go to “data Settings” —> “Voice and data” —> “LTE” and select “data Only”.
  • Probably Apple will fix this bug in the iOS release 12.1.3, which is already in beta testing for developers.

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