How to turn off the screen with widgets in iOS 10

“Habit than is given to us: the replacement of happiness” ā€” wrote in his time a famous descendant of Hannibal and, as usual, as if in water looked. Because to get rid of the familiar body movements is much more difficult than to forget, say, account password or PIN code for your credit card. Confirm this by example, I know hundreds of users iOS 10, and then trying to unlock the device shelved in the back of my head a swipe. However, wean yourself from this habit is not so difficult.

You can disable the screen with widgets, which POPs out from under the hand while trying to unlock it. Although this problem is likely specific to the iPhone and iPad without a built-in scanner, Touch ID, to know about it everyone else will at least not too much. In the end, why not use the same tuning, which is often spoken of owners of Android-devices.

To deactivate the secondary desktop, we should go to the application “Settings” ā€” “passcode” to enable “passcode”, if not to move the tumblers in front of the strings “Today” and “View notifications” to “off”. Please note that access to the widgets and incoming notifications will remain in notification Center to call that, pull from the top of the screen.

It should be noted, however, that to remove extra page in its entirety, there is no need. You can always opt to disable the demonstration incoming notifications on the desktop, retaining only the label on the icon, and hide unwanted widgets in the “Edit” button. This method will allow you to avoid the constant need to enter a password to unlock the smartphone or tablet.

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