How to turn your iPhone 6s in scales

Then I came out with the iPhone 6s 3D Touch technology, first I tried the creative developer is to weigh objects using your smartphone screen. Many it turned out, however, Apple has made it clear that the application of scales in App Store do not get. The developers just had to find a way to share our creations, and they found. If you have an iPhone 6s, you can now try something to weigh. Colleagues from Business Insider explained how to do it.

Method 1

For the experiment we need an iPhone 6s, a spoon, and the object, which weighs in at 385 grams. Ready? Don’t be surprised, but you have to install free game Steady Square. This game has some undocumented features, they are hidden in the training mode.

Start learning mode in Steady Square and place a spoonful on the screen of the smartphone. Remember the number that appeared on the screen, for example “50”. Now put the item you want to weigh, on a spoon again and remember the displayed number, such as “108”.

Now we need to perform a few simple calculations. We subtract “50” from “108” and then the number “58”, divide by 1000. We will get the number “0,058”, which we multiply by the maximum weight determined by the screen iPhone 6s. Multiply by 385 and get “22,33” is the weight of the object that we put on a spoon in grams.

Method 2

There is a way to do without unnecessary computation. Just open the page on the link on their iPhone 6s, place the spoon on the screen, and then place a spoon on the subject. Subtract the weight of the spoon from the total weight and get the weight of the object. Can save the link to the page on the home screen of your iPhone, thus you will get the icon of the web application capable of measuring the weight is not very heavy objects.

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