How to upgrade Mac. The 15 best tools

Tell you what programs you need to install on Mac to squeeze out the maximum and facilitate the work.

How to upgrade Mac. The 15 best tools


A must-have for those who ten times a day is the Finder. Utility appears when you drag files and looks like a window floating over other apps.

How to upgrade Mac. The 15 best tools

Dragging items to it, you can quickly perform the desired action: move them to another folder, create an archive, copy the file path. With pictures still better — you can change the resolution, convert it to install on the desktop Wallpaper.

Buy utility is at least in order not to open Photoshop for a trivial resizing images.

Buy FilePane on the developer’s site (6.99 USD)

Clipboard History

A program that saves all who work with text. Clipboard History — advanced clipboard for macOS.

When pressing combinations of keys on the cursor position dialog box appears with a list of 200 recently copied items. You can insert as with the original formatting and plain text.

Also available is a selection of favorites for quick access and other settings. But the best side Clipboard History — concise interface that does not take away screen space.

Buy Clipboard History in the AppStore ($4.99)


How to upgrade Mac. The 15 best tools

This utility is the rescue of freelancers, and those who do not understand what takes time at the computer. Timing closely monitors how you use the system.

In the log recorded opening each app and even a website. All actions can be marked to weed out work tasks from procrastination. Also available for the projects, with selection filters aktivnosta.

While the statistics the program produces very detailed — with pie charts and graphs for different periods. Study your pastime really interesting.

Buy Timing on the developer’s site (from $ 29)


macOS is organized is great, but advanced use gives the weak moments. One of these is the status bar, which fast becomes clogged with too many icons.

Most of them are just an eyesore and creates the effect of disorder. Bartender returns aesthetics — the program would create another nested status bar.

It is available by clicking on the three dots in the corner of the screen shows the number of the icons you’ve hidden.

Buy Bartender at the developer’s site ($15)


In Telegram and Slack is a brilliant way set of Emoji characters. Just write a colon and look for the smiley key word.

The default in macOS, you can get a character to the keyboard only on the combination Control+Command+Spacebar.

With Rocket, you receive a version of the messengers. Writing anywhere,”:”, you can enter the name of the Emoji and quick to insert.

Download Rocket to the developer site (free + in-app purchase at $ 5)


This utility does not need lengthy descriptions. It does not allow the computer to go to sleep.

Helps on long downloads and in cases where you just want the laptop screen for several hours.

Download Lungo in the AppStore (2.99 USD)


The world’s best password Manager.

Plugin 1Password logins pulls all the data that you enter on the sites, and carefully kept them. You can also generate new keys and keep under lock and key other important information: from notes to documents.

Everything is synced in the cloud, secure and accessible from all devices.

Download 1Password in AppStore (subscriptions from $ 2.99 per month)

iStat Menu

Utility for those who are looking for monitoring of your computer thoroughly. The program gives detailed statistics on the use of each element Mac.

For example, from the status bar you can follow the schedule of energy consumption, distribution of packages, Internet traffic, fan speed, CPU load and activity level of each core.

All displayed in real-time with graphs. With this advanced tool on the built-in Activity Monitor you can forget.

To buy on the developer’s site (from $ 15)

Daisy Disk

Software to clean disk space on Mac. For those who use the models with the least amount of drive, it is simply a must.

Daisy Disk displays memory in the form of a pie chart and list. The heavy partitions and files made up.

A conventional tug can be collected for removal. Thus, damage to some system-relevant files, as it likes to Clean My Mac, almost unreal.

To buy on the developer’s site ($9.99)

KeyKey Typing Tutor

Typing is a skill that should be in school learning instead of letters. But if you are still typing two or three fingers, this utility will fix it.

KeyKey — program-teacher, which helps to get into the world of the “blind set”. The object is achieved in several stages: you remember the area of each finger and train hard on a constantly rising complexity.

The main thing — not to spy on the keyboard and not to lose patience. KeyKey teaches typing is not only fast, but error-free, that requires persistence and many tries. But the result will save you so much effort that it is worth even the longest workouts.

Buy KeyKey in the AppStore (9,99$)

Be Focused

Program to work on the system of Pomodoro. This technique of time management — work is broken down into segments of 25 minutes each, between which are 5-minute breaks.

Be Focused packs these calculations in a convenient timer, accessible from the status bar of the Mac. The program also collects usage statistics and allows you to fine-tune everything.

On the AppStore (4.99 USD)


This is a media Downloader for Mac. The utility allows you to quickly download videos or audio from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and more than 1200 sources.

Download can be carried out even in 4K resolution, it works fast. In addition, Downie is integration with media Converter Permute that allows you to quickly change the format of the downloaded video.

By the developer (19.99 USD)


Instagram client for Mac that allows you to check the tape (or business account) directly on the desktop.

The developers have managed to add almost all the features: news feed, posting, correspondence, bookmarks and comments.

The only space format support Stories. But other than that, Flume means you no longer have to reach for the smartphone.

To buy on the developer’s site ($9.99)


The coolest calculator for macOS. At least, he’s definitely the firmware. Numi is more like exercise book, which you are free to start a new calculation.

In addition, it has support for currency conversion, counter, time zones, smart work with interest, as well as integration with the launcher Alfred.

By the developer (19.99 USD)


This program should keep on hand for one woes. Sooner or later, you’ll be sure to send a rar-archive. macOS does not know how to work with them. At this point Archiver and will come to the rescue, easily opening the file.

The software also allows you to use preview image not yet unpacked the archives, configure the extraction, to protect archives with a password, automatically split parts of large files for archiving.

By the developer (19.99 USD)

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