How to upgrade to legal content and not to suffer

Tell how not to screw it up on the subscriptions and purchases, as well as why to quit piracy.

Legality — the eternal fuel for Internet disputes. Discussion about causing pirate activity harm, or Vice versa, creates an additional marketing products, will never cease. But by 2018, it became clear that services and applications for money not to run. Or sacrifice convenience or pay money. Tell how to step into the territory of legal content and not screw it up.

Analyze media consumption

The logic changes I have already described. Money is exchanged for convenience. But transfer need to squeeze the maximum benefit. For this you will need to understand what you keen.

You, the audiophile, the gamer, kinopolis, a lover of new apps, high-quality news or podcasts? It is unlikely to be dragged can be immediately and simultaneously. Employed and working people just don’t have enough time to consume all the content. Most likely, the items will have several. Games and books; podcasts, news and applications.

No need to jump into the pool with his head, picking up just ten annual subscriptions, which will pull down credit card. Make a personal TOP 5 and carefully going through the list.

Try the trial version

One of the few advantages of the subscription model — option evaluation period. Its duration usually depends on the duration of the subscription. If you want to take the tariff for a year, trial will be longer. Monthly option usually offers less freedom: a week or a few days free use.

Do not write it off. Money for early subscription cancellation, the trial will write no. But you can play all the day long with the service or application, assessing their usefulness.

For example, after two free weeks on Netflix — I have no hesitation issued a duplicate payment. But the trial of the financial Manager WalletApp I was not impressed and I saved 1600 rubles per year. And of course, there’s no escaping a stroke of genius from Apple. Giving users three months of free streaming Music, the company just won.

Solve their problems

Understanding that pay is correct and works as a strong motivator. Nothing surprising. To buy a subscription, the app on your iPhone or utility for the Mac, should be guided by pragmatism. Save time, effort or nerves, bypassing the limitations of the platform.

Examples next. Add new albums in the Apple Music — easier than rummaged for the App Store in search of players for SoundCloud. Rent a movie in iTunes is easier than to download from the torrent, or to look for a quality version online.

Oddly enough, the scheme depends on how tired you are. If the natural irritation from inconvenience (with pirated music, movies, or software) no — examples seem ridiculous.

Make a budget

Count the money — an interesting exercise. If you have developed an understanding that it is time to “legalize”, you need a financial plan. Consider how much it will cost whatever the software what amount monthly would be to go for the subscription. It’s worth it?

Look on the computer. I bought two expensive programs: Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. This is a photo editor and vector graphics editor. Together they cost $100. But I use them for over a year, almost on a daily basis. Soft long fought off myself.

But the program to send files to iPhone — Waltr 2 for $40, it seemed to me too expensive. When comparing benefits and costs, it passed the budget.

With subscriptions, the situation is more complicated. On paper, they — a terrible waste, especially in one-year terms. Still, 500 rubles a month — a lot of 6000 rubles a year. But let’s be honest. A broken and terrible sentence of the developers of the “subscription for the price of a few cups of coffee” — not devoid of meaning.

Almost always when drawing up your personal budget, open an unpleasant truth — impulse purchases ruin. No matter coffee or trips on Uber. Audit of personal finances rarely shows perfect order. You can kill two birds with one stone: to organize the income, and rich content/apps.

What to take?

Take a step back from conventional thought. I made my personal selection, which can tell others what is worth paying attention to (and spend hard-earned money). All positions are subjective.


  • Netflix. With basic knowledge of English (reading subtitles), this service will forever close the question — what to watch tonight. Note that subscription can be shared among multiple users.
  • Rent on iTunes. If movies are for you — situational entertainment, rent them on iTunes. Cheap, convenient and with access to all devices within 48 hours.


  • Bookmate — the easiest way to obtain legal access to a huge library, good recommendations and opportunities to account read.
  • Storytel — service for audiobooks. There top speakers (e.g., the actor) and the growing catalog.


  • Affinity Photo and Designer — advanced programs that allow you to finally forget about Photoshop or Lightroom.
  • SetApp is a subscription service where for $10 a month offers access to hundreds of useful utilities for Mac. At least it’s a way to test them cheaply and then buy separately.
  • Ulysses is a text editor that blows the head with the convenience, consistency and brevity. If you want to enjoy printing on the Mac and on the iPhone, consider purchasing a subscription.

A generic list does not exist. But if you sign up and buy everything on the list above — the stigma of “pirate” with yourself you can be honest to remove. Generally speaking, this is also a question of costs. Still, to understand that doing the right thing — is also important.

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