How to use a Samsung TV as a second screen for Mac without purchasing Apple TV

On the big screen TV sets any image looks more colorful and spectacular. That’s why many Mac owners are thinking about how to use the TV as a monitor. You can use the TV as an additional or as the main external screen.

Want to view content from your Mac, including videos, family photos, or apps on the big screen, but you don’t have Apple TV? Now you do not need to buy Apple TV. If you have a Samsung TV, simply install the app Mirror for Samsung TV.

Using the Mirror app to control Samsung Smart TV even without the remote control. Enough to include Mac and launch the utility. If the TV is in the same network with the computer, it will appear in the top menu bar. After selecting a TV set; in program menu, the screen content will be immediately played on the TV.

In the Mirror settings you can choose the picture quality (Full HD or HD), as well as enable or disable sound transmission. From the options selected will depend on the level of delays in transmission of images (1-3 seconds). According to the developers, the app is compatible with all TVs Samsung Smart TV, starting in 2012 (the letters E, F, H, J or K in the title).

To download the trial version of Mirror for Samsung TV at this link. Full version will cost 749 rubles.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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