How to use “Help with Wi-Fi” on iOS 944 review

In the recently released iOS 9 very much new, but some features are not evident. Perhaps someday you will tell about them in the standard application, but we can’t wait. About the function called “Help with Wi-Fi” we spoke before the release of iOS 9, but today, finally, everyone can get at it. We will tell you how to do it and why.

Sometimes, sitting in some institution we are connected to Wi-Fi. The speed of the network is not good enough, but the iPhone already has it memorized and will use at every opportunity. Or, for example, you stand near his home, catches iPhone and your home Wi-Fi, but the connection quality is good enough so that he could have something to upload. This is discomforting. Often, passing through the city, I see the Internet is lost, and the fact that the iPhone caught something familiar to him network, and until recently did not want to part with it.

“Help with Wi-Fi” solves these problems. You no longer need to disable Wi-Fi on the device to get rid of annoying network at low speed. iPhone iOS 9 will automatically abandon it and switch to use cellular data. Make sure that this wonderful feature is enabled, go to settings, Cellular and scroll down to the end, find the function “Help with Wi-Fi”.


There is a small caveat. If you are saving traffic and don’t want the smartphone suddenly sucked in a cellular network longer than it has, you may want to restrict some apps to use cellular data network. A new feature might work when you least expect them, so be prepared if your tariff does not have to use the mobile Internet.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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